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So you want to join Nevermore Edits? Filling out our Membership Form will make you a Prospective Member, but to become an Active Member of Nevermore Edits, you must attend at least one Club workshop at any location. Here's the skinny:

Who Can Join Nevermore Edits?

Anyone may join Nevermore Edits at any time. There are no annual dues or hidden fees. You need an email address to be a part of Nevermore Edits, but if you do not have one, we can help you create one for free.

How Do I Join Nevermore Edits?

In order to join, you must attend at least one Club workshop at any location. During or after this Club workshop, you must provide at least (1) your name and (2) your email address, in writing, to the Secretary of the Club. This can be done online, or it can be handed to your local Club workshop Scribe, who will send it into the Secretary of the Club. You are a member of Nevermore Edits from the moment you hand in your information. Welcome!

Your name and personal information will be added to the Nevermore Edits Member Database (NEMD) within 48 hours of the Secretary of the Club receiving it. (So if you handed in your information to your local Club workshop secretary, this process may take longer than 48 hours).

Member Benefits

Upon joining the Club, each member receives the following benefits:
  1. A Club sticker.
  2. The right to have their submitted works of literature critiqued during Club workshops.
  3. Connections to other writers, editors, and publishers, some of whom attend Club workshops regularly.
  4. Seasonally, a free copy of the Corvidae Courier, either handed to your personally or mailed to your mailing address (provided you’ve given us one).
Each member has the right to vote for the leaders of their local Club workshop and for the Officers of the Executive Committee. Every year, once per year, elections are held to determine who will lead the Club and its workshops during the following year. You may vote only once for each available position.

Members may join the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. (OWFI) as an Affiliate Member of Nevermore Edits by turning in an Affiliate Member application and applicable dues either to the Treasurer of the Club or to the Treasurer of OWFI.

Member Expectations

All you are expected to do as a member is to participate in Club activities. That’s it!

Participation means attendance or quality of engagement at Club meetings or events. Participation does not require you to read all of the works up for critique at Club workshops that you attend. Members are never required to read anything that they are not comfortable reading.

Each member is expected to update their personal information once per year with the Secretary of the Club. This can be done online (e.g., form or email), or it can be done verbally by telling your local Club workshop secretary, “No updates this year.” If you do have any changes to make to your information on the NEMD, the Secretary of the Club will make these changes within 48 hours of their having received it.

How Do I Quit Nevermore Edits?

We’ll be very sad to see you go, but quitting Nevermore Edits is as easy as joining it.

In order to resign from Nevermore Edits, all you have to do is send a message to the Secretary of the Club saying that you would like to resign. This can be as simple as a torn scrap of paper that reads “I resign,” or it can be as involved as an essay emailed to the Secretary explaining the reason for your resignation. It has to be in writing, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Members who do not participate in Club activities for a period of two years or more risk being removed from Nevermore Edits due to lack of communication. It’s easy to stay a part of Nevermore Edits, even if you move out of town. Just keep your information updated with the Secretary of the Club every six months, and you’ll never even go inactive.

Don’t worry if you forget. We’ll remind you. Just make sure we have your email address right in the NEMD.

Can I Be Kicked Out?

Yes, in two ways:
  1. You have to have been inactive and out of touch with our Secretary for two-and-a-half years or more.
  2. You have to be in violation of our Harassment Policy. It’s a part of our bylaws, so make sure you read that section if you’re unsure what harassment means.

Ready to Join?