Monday, February 11, 2019

Board Meeting Notes - February 1, 2019

Board Meeting

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics, 4614 E. 11th St., Tulsa, OK 74115

Meeting Called to Order:  8:00

Attendance: Jack (President), Donna (Vice President), Eris (Secretary), CJ (Treasurer), Ryan, JayCee, Z, Connor, Kaz

Quorum is present.

Committee Status Update

Six Committees currently to report.
  • Harassment - Donna (Committee Head): nothing to report.
  • Newsletter - Jack (Committee Head): Editor of the season article done. Feature article pending. Jenny printing in color. Hopefully everything ready to go for February.
  • Writing Contest - Ryan (Committee Head): 4 proposed changes. 
    • Goal is to get 100 submissions. 
      • Get rid of opening line. 
      • Change submission fee structure (1st piece is free, 2nd is $1, 3rd is $2, 4th+ is $3, unlimited sub but place once). 
      • Three readers, 33 subs each.
      •  Up prize $ (1st prize is $50 plus critique, 2nd is $30, 3rd is $20) along with publication in the Corvidae Courier. 
      • Jack proposed change: members can submit but not board members. 
      • Ryan has plan for advertising, mostly social media but also physical advertisements in TCC, coffee shops, etc. Plans for judges, etc.
        • Voting for proposed monetary changes: Ayes have it.
  •  Outreach - Connor (Committee Head): has gotten us into library event guide. Not sure what else to do.
    •  Basic volunteer work? School supply drive? 
    • Z suggests having physical literature on hand for events to hand out to potential new members. 
      • Jack will put something together. 
    • CJ to be in charge of Twitter account for Nevermore
    • Eris to work on shared calendar for board members to see important due dates. 
    • CJ to join outreach committee.
  •  Fundraising Committee - No current Committee head. If outreach and fundraising is going to work together, should it be one?
    •  Connor volunteers to be head. 
    • President: propose to change to Fundraising and Outreach Committee (in hopes that eventually they will be split into two different groups again). 
      • Connor has ideas how to proceed forward.
  •  OWFI - No current Committee Head.
    • Connor has volunteered to be head of OWFI committee.

Old Business

  1. No new business

New Business

  1. Need to plan for regular board meetings. Jack propose 3rd Friday of the month to be our regularly scheduled meeting.
    >> Voting for 3rd Friday: ayes have it. 

    Next board meeting will be in March 15, 2019
  2. Budget Update Planning: we need to talk about our budget, how much money the fundraising committee needs to get. 
    • Majority of expenses has been OWFI registration of tables and newsletter supplies.
    • We still have funds, and have enough funds to cover contest and projected supplies getting for newsletters. 
    • Current assets are  $253.05.
    • Jack and CJ to get together Sunday to work out budget.
    • Next meeting Treasurer will have Form 990 done.
  3. Google hangouts is shutting down on/by April 2nd. We need a new chat function.
    • Connor suggests Band, as it has a calendar function, other useful tools. Can access both on computer and phone. 
    • Other alternative: Slack. But possibly not as useful?
    • Maybe not Discord. 
    • Kaz will research options. 
    • Group Me similar to Band--suggested by Ryan. 
    • Kaz is head of temporary Chat committee, and has until March 15th to come up with suggestions/research.
  4. Ryan suggests adding Jenny onto the board.
    Vote: ayes have it. Jenny Jones is now a board member.

Adjournment and Clean-Up: 8:51pm

Have a great weekend!

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