Friday, January 4, 2019

Meeting Notes - January 4th, 2019

Meeting Notes

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics, 4614 E. 11th St., Tulsa, OK 74115

Meeting Called to Order:  7:00

Attendance: Donna (VP, Acting as President)*,  CJ (Treasurer), Eris (Secretary), Mac**, Amy, Jenny, Ryan, Harvey.

Old Business

Newsletter is still happening in January. Shannon, while having stepped down from the committee, has offered to still help with printing and production, etc. Jack is still the main contact for anything relating to Newsletters.

7:02 – Nevermore at Hardesty (Hardnever? Neverheart? Name forthcoming) is starting the 14th. Ryan will be bringing cake.

7:17 -- CJ & Eris will help Jenny with how to Scribe for Hardesty after the meeting.


7:04 – Homo Novus - Prologue by Harvey.

Adjournment and Clean-Up: 7:18

Happy New Weird***, everyone!

*Hereby referred to as Jack throughout the meeting.
**Free and Sovereign Citizen of his Own, Personal Nation
***a/k/a Happy New Year. Just in my own, particular idiom.

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