Friday, July 6, 2018

Meeting Notes - June 6th, 2018

Nevermore Edits
Meeting Agenda
July 6th, 2018

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics
Meeting Called to Order: 7:02

Attendance: Mac (President), Jack (Veep), CJ (Treasurer), JayCee (Secretary), Eris, Donna, Amy, Ryan, Conner
Old Business:
1. 7:02 – Newsletter – Final Reminder – Items due midnight, tonight. Send them to before then. The October editor of the season is Eris; CJ will write the article. The featured article will be written by Conner, subject forthcoming.
2. 7:11 – OWFI – Discussion of OWFI policies.

New Business:
1. 7:22 – Motion to add Ryan as an Ex-Officio Board Member, passed.
2. 7:28 – Motion to accept Eris and Donna as Full Board Members, passed.
3. 8:20 – No pieces for next week, moved to cancel the meeting, carried.

Pieces for Discussion:
1. 7:29 – Bitter Medicine by CJ
2. 8:02 – Gary by Amy

Adjournment and Clean-Up: 8:21

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-JayCee’s Ghost

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