Friday, April 20, 2018

Meeting Minutes - April 20th, 2018

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics
Called to order 7:01 pm

Attending: Mac (President), Jack (V.P.), CJ (Treasurer), Jenny, Donna, Shannon, Eris, Ryan, Kaz, Adrean

Old Business: 7:01
1. Newsletter: Jack and Shannon are seeking featured articles for the current and future newsletters; if you have anything coming up or any interesting writing-related things, write something up and send it to!

2. OWFI Weekend: 7:04
OWFI is May 3rd through 5th, which means some of our members will be at the conference the evening of the 4th. Due to this, we're going ahead and cancelling the meeting for that week!

New Business: 7:08
1. No New Business

Pieces for Discussion
1. 7:10 Stormborn 2: The Knave & The Fool, Ch. 11 & 12 by Jack

Clean Up/Adjournment 7:49 pm

As always, until next time.

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