Friday, February 23, 2018

Meeting Notes - February 23rd, 2018

Nevermore Edits
Meeting Agenda
February 23rd, 2018

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics
Meeting Called to Order: 7:01

Attendance: Jack (Veep), JayCee (Secretary), Eris, Shannon, Donna, Sid, Ryan, Z, and Kaz

Old Business:
1. No Old Business

New Business:
1. 7:02 Concept Idea – Nevermore Conference – Voted to create a conference committee to look into putting together a conference to take place sometime in the future (2019-ish?). Conference members are Shannon (chair), Donna, Ryan, Z, and Adrean (by proxy).
2. 7:16 Concept Idea – Author’s Podcast – Read pieces, talk about writing, could be just audio, or an audio+video mix. Committee formed: Shannon (chair), Jack, Donna, and Kaz (not of his own free will).

Pieces for Discussion:
1. 7:33 A Rose in Wintertime – Chapters 7 & 8 by Sid
2. 8:02 Copper and Cobalt – Chapter 12 by JayCee
3. 8:32 Stormborn – Part 2 – Chapters 4 & 5 by Jack

Adjournment and Clean-Up: 9:22

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