Friday, February 16, 2018

Meeting Agenda - February 16th, 2018

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Meeting Agenda
February 16th, 2018

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics
Meeting Called to Order: 7:00

Attendance: Mac (President), Jack (Veep), CJ (Treasurer), JayCee (Secretary), Eris, Z, Shannon, Jenny, Donna, Kaz

Old Business:

1.     7:00 Clarification of Submission Rules
    1. 5,500 word “soft” limit, no page limits, for individual submissions
    2. 16,500 word limit for the week, no page limits
    3. 6 pieces cap per week regardless of total word count
2.     7:09 Reminder – Newsletter Articles/Submissions due by April 6th. Donna is still editor of the quarter, Shannon to write. Might make a tips & tricks a regular thing. New email to submit to the newsletter is Publication date is April 20th.
3.     7:15 OWFI Basket – We have items for the basic, theme is now Pop Culture.
4.     7:21 OWFI Convention Update

New Business:

1.     No New Business

Pieces for Discussion:

1.     7:31 Copper and Cobalt – Chapter 11 by JayCee

Adjournment and Clean-Up: 8:07

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