Friday, January 26, 2018

Meeting Notes - January 26th, 2018

Nevermore Edits
Meeting Agenda
January 26th, 2018

Meeting Called to Order: 7:01

Attendance: Jack (Veep), CJ (Treasurer), JayCee (Secretary), Eris, Katy, Ryan, Phil, Lee, Z, Donna, Sid, Malea, Kaz

Old Business:
1.     7:01 We're doing a fundraising push this week for scholarships and sponsorships.

New Business:
1.     7:05 Rule Changes – No time limits on Neutral Questions & Permissioned Opinions. One Round + 15 Minutes (Max 30 Mins for each round). Rollovers do apply. You can comment even if you have not read the piece. No limits on dove-tails.

Pieces for Discussion:
1.     7:43 A Rose in the Wintertime - Chapters 2 and 3 by Sid (13P 4527W)
2.     8:24 Tattoo - Chapter 1 (part 2) by Malea (16P 3388W)
3.     7:08 Like Father by Katy (10P 3384W)
4.     9:24 Under Ashen Skies - Chapters 1 and 2 by Z (15P 3846W)

Adjournment and Clean-Up: 10:08

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