Friday, January 5, 2018

Meeting Moments - January 5th 2018

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics

Attending: Mac (President), Jack (Veep), JayCee (Secretary), Shannon, Kaz, Sid, Jenny, Z, Eris, Adrean, Patty, Lee, Phil, Donna, Katy

Called to Order : 7:00 pm

Old Business:

1.      7:02 Items for our adopted teacher – People brought stuff, gave to Katy. Katy will be the one holding all the teacher items.
2.      7:05 Newsletter – Articles are due tomorrow, midnight, so get those in. Donna is still the editor of next quarter, but now Shannon is writing it due to scheduling conflicts.
3.      7:08 Writing Contest – It is up on the website, starts on Feb 1st, so get that out there and share it.
4.      7:11 Streetcats Fundraiser – A local charity that helps cats, and they are having an event in Feb. We are going to donate a basket for them to auction off that includes our books.
5.      7:16 OWFI – The writer’s conference is in May. We are looking at sponsoring a category and possibly a sponsorship. Need to raise money, but reminder, no one is required to donate.

New Business:

1.      7:21 Introductions for new people because we’re literally crammed around this table, and not just for warmth.
2.      7:28 Website Maintenance – Updating officer profiles, general clean up, and possible move to squarespace in the future.

Pieces for Discussion

1.      7:31 Copper and Cobalt CH 5 & 6 by JayCee
2.      8:18 Jordian Knights CH 3 & 4 by Phil
3.      9:18 Memories Under Water CH 2 & 3 by Z
4.      9:48 We Drown Mermaids by Adrean

Clean Up/Adjournment : 10:12pm

It was cold. Good thing I’m half-Jotun.


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