Friday, December 22, 2017

Meeting Minutes - December 15th, 2017

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics

Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (V.P.), CJ (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), Eris, Mac, Kaz, Z, Ryan, Pattie
Called to order 6:58 pm

Old Business:
1. Committee Report
OWFI Committee (CJ)
CJ forgot to bring his notes from the OWFI meeting, but updated the group on a few things: OWFI is still looking for many contest sponsorships; we have our tables for the OWFI Banquet; we may consider sponsorship on the OWFI bags; and, thanks to Jack's efforts, OWFI will now offer free membership to full-time high school and college students (with documentation)!

2. Writing Competition (Z)
Jack has made our contest entry form!
Shannon is going to look into the contest rules and make sure they're on the up-and-up. After that, we should be ready.

3. Newsletter Sundries (Shannon)
Submit any articles you wish to have in the next newsletter by January 6th to The Editor of the Season is Shannon; the article will be written by Kaz.
If you have any hints or tricks for editing or writing, be sure to send them to Shannon.
We've received our refund!

4. Outreach Basket (January)
We haven't sent an outreach basket to our adopted teacher lately, and we need to get back to that! We're collecting again, and we should have supplies by January 5th.
We already have college-ruled paper, pencils, almonds, tissues, and EXPO markers.
Things we should consider getting are popcorn, chips, hand sanitizer, luxuries, classroom decorations, and a container to put it all in!

New Business:

Pieces for Discussion
7:10 The Raven on My Shoulder by Shannon
7:30 Give Me a Hand by Ryan

Clean Up/Adjournment 8:13 pm

Until next time, friends. Be safe!

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