Friday, November 10, 2017

Meeting Minutes - November 10th, 2017

Meeting Minutes - November 10th

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics

Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (VP), Jack (Treasurer), Mac (filling in for Secretary CJ), Eris, Donna, and Z.

Meeting called to order 7:00

Old Business:

Committee Report (Fundraising) Z and Katy (in absentia):

Flash fiction contest in search of a theme. We’ve landed on a sentence prompt for flash fiction. We will offer, at minimum, a scoring sheet to entrants (comments optional). Opening prompt is forthcoming, next meeting. Prepare to submit options and vote. Eris indicates donated buttons may be in the offing. More on that later.

New Business:

Black Friday Meeting - Party at Mac’s house. Potluck. More to follow.

  1. The Princess and the Fox, Part Three by Donna - 7:25

Adjournment, clean up, and cake: 8:03PM 

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