Saturday, October 14, 2017

Meeting Minutes - October 13th, 2017

Attending: Shannon (President), Jaycee, Eris, Z, Mac (wait… am I the secretary again?)

Called to order: 7:00 PM

Skipping individual committee reports, again, as we don’t have our committee chairs. But a few brief notes:

~Newsletter is nearly ready; copies are forthcoming. Deadline for next newsletter is 01/06.

~Contest? We think we’re heading to a prompt-based (either picture of sentence) flash-fiction contest. Btdubs, there’s a fundraising google chat. If you’d like to join, let Z know. It may already be in the Nevermore chat.

~Dark Arts (ish) Tulsa Pop this weekend. Wizard World in three weeks. Possible spots in the Wichita Falls thing.

7:17: Untitled Novel Chapter 1-3, by Z

8:15: Split Concentration by Jaycee

8:50: Clean up and Adjournment

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