Friday, September 15, 2017

Meeting Minutes - September 15th

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics

Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (V.P.), CJ (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), JayCee, Mac, Eris, Katy, Kaz
Called to order 7:00 pm

Old Business:
1. Committee Reports
a. Communications Committee (CJ)
Information for the next OWFI Report is due October 1st; if you have anything you wish to submit for the affiliate news, send it to me.
The affiliate news section is changing, starting with the next issue. Instead of a large section detailing every affiliate group, it will instead highlight one affiliate and one member-at-large. The rest of the affiliate news will be available on the website.

b. Dark Arts Committee (JayCee)
Tomorrow, September 16th, we have both SoCon in Bixby from 9 am to 5 pm and Pride in Enid from 12 pm to 6 pm. Shannon and CJ will be there. At SoCon, we have our Nontraditional Characters panel at 3:30 pm; anyone who wants to be on the panel should be there before 3. Selby will be there in the morning, Adrean will head that way after work at 1, Mac will be there all day. JayCee will cover the table during the panel.
On September 23rd, LibCon is at Hardesty Library. Each of our publishers have our own tables there.
If you need more details, all of these events are on Trello!
We have scheduled Saturday, November 25th and Saturday, December 16th, to sell and sign books at Gardner's. We haven't given them a list of authors who will for sure be there yet, so consider it. We may be able to get December 23rd at Decopolis, and are still going to speak to 1907.

c. Fundraising Committee (Z - in absentia, Katy)
No new updates.

d. Newsletter Committee (Shannon)
The next deadline is October 6th; look ahead to that, and send articles to The Editor of the Season is JayCee; Donna will write the article.

e. Outreach Committee (Adrean)
Adrean wants to get a Halloween basket made for our adopted classroom. As a reminder, we have been told she needs: notebook paper (preferably college ruled), pencils, whiteboard markers, and boxes of tissues are always appreciated. We are uncertain about the ability to drop off these supplies ourselves, but can use Katy as a go-between. We would like to have everything gathered by October 6th.

f. OWFI Committee (Shannon)
The next Slack chat will be with Ben Montgomery on October 12th. The topic is, "Sounding the Gong: How to Craft an Ending That Reverbrates." Attendance will cost $14, payable through the website. Proceeds for this will go to the conference; the transcript will be sent to attendees after the event, and available to all members in January.
Reminder that OWFI 2018's theme for our costumes and baskets is superheroes! If you get supplies for the basket, be sure to bring them to Lord Mistress of the Baskets, Z!
Another reminder that OWFI collects its dues in October, and it's cheaper to join as an affiliate than a member-at-large!
Contest start date is the same as last year: it opens January 1st and closes February 1st.
If you're interested in volunteering to help at the registration table at next year's conference, let CJ know!
Here is a link to Shannon's notes from the OWFI meeting last weekend.

New Business:

Pieces for Discussion
7:52 Codename: Python, Ch. 11-12 by Gio

Clean Up/Adjournment 8:20 pm

Until next time, friends. Be safe!

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