Friday, June 30, 2017

Meeting Minutes - June 30th, 2017

Meeting Location: Mammoth Comics

Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (VP), CJ (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), JayCee, Z, Eris, Mac, Katy, Donna
Called to order 7:00 pm

Old Business:
1. Committee Reports
a. Communications Committee (CJ)
No new updates.

b. Dark Arts Committee (JayCee)
See below for event details.

c. Fundraising Committee (Z, Katy)
Tex Thompson will be in Tulsa in August and wants to set up an event that could potentially serve as a fundraising/visibility event for Nevermore Edits.

d. Newsletter Committee (Shannon)
Send pieces for the next quarter's newsletter by July 6th to!

e. Outreach Committee (Adrean)
No new updates!

f. OWFI Committee (Shannon)
Reminder that OWFI 2018's theme for our costumes and baskets is superheroes! If you get supplies for the basket, be sure to bring them to Lord Mistress of the Baskets, Z!
Registration for the first virtual workshop on August 3rd in the OWFI Slack is open on their website. It's about the revision process with Bess Cozby (of Tor Publishing).

2. JayCee - Event Details:
a. Post SoonerCon Discussion
SoonerCon was pretty cool, there were a good amount of sales, and plenty of contacts with other authors and artists.

b. Alternatives to Banners
Many of us at SoonerCon saw a display made out of small PVC pipes that had prints and such hung on it. Might be an idea that's an alternative to banners!

c. Prints as Alternative Sales Items
Prints are a pretty cool thing and we should look into getting them. (May be difficult/impossible with regards to licensing rights.)

d. Looking Forward
We may look into trading books with several authors in Texas to broaden our market! We're going to discuss the logistics and financial incentives, but this could be a cool idea!

e. Tulsa Pop Expo - Oct. 14th-15th
$125 for a table.

f. OKC Wizard World - Oct. 27th-29th
$350 for the table; people could stay with Malea's parents. Tex & the Texans may wish to split the costs of a table with us.

New Business:

Pieces for Discussion
7:28 Have Time, Will Travel, Part 2 by Mac
7:47 Wine, Spirits, Beer by Shannon
8:09 Ash, Ch. 1 by Eris
8:49 Ombra, Ch. 1-2 by JayCee

Clean Up/Adjournment 9:17 pm

Until next time, friends. Be safe!

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