Friday, May 12, 2017

Meeting Minutes - May 12th, 2017


Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (V.P.), CJ (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), JayCee, Z, Samantha, Mac, Malea, Kaz

Called to order 7:01 pm

Old Business:
1. Committee Reports
a. Communications Committee (Samantha)
No new updates.

b. Dark Arts Committee (JayCee)
See below for event details.

c. Fundraising Committee (Jack, Samantha)
Jack has looked into shirts, but hasn't picked one yet.

d. Newsletter Committee (Shannon)
Send articles to by July 6th!

e. Outreach Committee (Adrean)
No new updates.

f. OWFI Committee (Shannon and Adrean)
Due to our basket winning the large group basket category, we have a free table reservation for (both?) banquets for OWFI 2018! Hooray!
Adrean wants us to submit panels for OWFI 2018; Shannon wants to hold one on writing erotica, Adrean wants to hold one on critique groups. Another suggestion is, "Stealing with Style: The Difference Between Homage and Plagiarism," and we could always fall back on our Nontraditional Characters. If you have any ideas
CJ has volunteered to be in charge of table centerpieces for OWFI 2018. He's conscripted JayCee for her experience and Malea for her craftiness. If you have an idea for a centerpiece for a book from within the group, let him know!
Our basket and costume themes for OWFI 2018 are: superheroes!

2. JayCee:
a. Tulsa Pride - June 3rd
We will probably not attend Pride as vendors this year, but you should definitely still go!

b. Tulsa Flea Market - June 3rd
JayCee will look into tables for this. If it goes well, we can look into making it a regular event.

c. Decopolis Book Fest - June 17th
$40 for a table (for three or more people). JayCee will go ahead and book a table, and will look into this event for more information and will report back to the group as soon as possible.

d. SoonerCon - Midwest City - June 23rd-25th
JayCee is going to pick up two extra three-day tickets to go with the one we have with the table.

e. Tulsa Oddities Expo - July 15th
They are holding applications right now and possibly looking for space; our application is in, and we're waiting to hear it.

f. SoCon - Bixby - September 15th
We haven't heard back on our panel submission yet.

3. Jack: Non-profit Paperwork
It has not been completed yet, but nearly is. It shall be done by next week's meeting.

New Business:
1. JayCee:
a. Princess Bride in the Park - May 26th
Several group members have expressed an interest in the Philbrook's showing of the Princess Bride, but it would be at the same time as the meeting. The meeting is, however, still going to be on.

2. Shannon:
a. Murder Apocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo
We have finally given away all our first editions of Murder Apocalypse (our teaser book that contains excerpts and first chapters of our various works). We are now looking into creating a second edition with new pieces and blurbs to better represent the current group. If you want to have a piece included, send it (and a blurb) to Shannon before June 2nd.

b. Enid Writers Club - June 10th
Jennifer McMurrain will be joining us to do a panel; we will be presented us with a list of prepared questions, but there will probably be more as it goes on. If you wish to speak on the panel, send Shannon an author bio by 5 pm on May 31st. We have been requested to bring books (if we have them). Shannon will keep us posted as more information becomes available to him.

Pieces for Discussion
8:09 Copper and Cobalt, Chapter 3 by JayCee
8:34 Release by Shannon
9:21 Welcome to the Masquerade by Z
9:55 Ace in the Hole by Gio

Clean Up/Adjournment 10:24 pm

Good to be back into the swing of these! Until next week, friends!

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