Friday, February 3, 2017

Meeting Minutes - February 3rd, 2017


Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (V.P.), CJ (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), Sam, JayCee, Katy, Malea, Kaz

Called to order 7:00 pm

Old Business:

Outreach Committee:
- First class is going to be at YST on Feb 7th at 3 pm. We already have our preferred minimum of two people attending, but more would always be welcome! Current lesson plan is to do a semi-cooperative exercise, with a plan to lead into teaching about writing autobiographical stories and grammar and mechanics as the program continues.
- Consider giving certain kids responsibilities if they return to multiple classes. Also consider prizes for continued attendance —writing kits or supplies?
- Discussion moved to extending this single program to other groups; current plan is to refine our program at YST and use our experiences there to apply it to new environments.
- Jack would also like to send books to the residents of Kingfisher County Jail over the month of February as part of our outreach. He's going to check if any genres or subject matters are off limits and then report back to us, and wants us to extend the offer to any author, publisher, or organization we're a part of.

JayCee has questions about conventions: Collector Con on March 11th (in Tulsa — hard maybe); SoonerCon on June 23rd-25th (in Midwest City — we are interested, and will go through the application process for both a table and a panel).

JayCee is still working hard on getting our books sold in places which is cool, to mixed results (and no fault of her own).

New Business:

Dark Arts Committee established and led by JayCee. Responsibilities of the committee is to research and report on the acquisition of banners and other material to look professional when we attend conventions. Malea will bring us a preliminary design.

Shannon would like to create a Fundraising Committee, because that is absolutely a thing that we need to do. The committee is under the purview of Jack and Sam as co-chairs.

Adrean would like to create a Communications Committee; Sam will chair it. It would be responsible for collecting information (including recent publications, fundraising opportunities, convention attendance, and committee reports) from the other committees and post them onto the Nevermore Edits website, as well as communicate with OWFI when they require Affiliate News.

Adrean clears up information about the pitch room setting of OWFI for those who haven't attended the conference in the past. And just information about OWFI in general.

9:02 Clean Up/Adjournment

Until next time, my friends.


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