Friday, February 24, 2017

Meeting Minutes - February 24th, 2017


Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (V.P.), CJ (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), JayCee, Harvey, Katy, Kaz, Lyz, Tony, Mac

Called to order 6:59 pm

Introductions were made for Tony.

Old Business:

The April 15th signing in Norman still needs to be decided. Cost is $60 for an 8' space, $70 for a 10' space. Seems like a thing we'll do; there isn't a hard cap on the number of people to attend, which helps. We are currently planning to attend it as a Nevermore event.

Books need to be given to JayCee before Collector Con (March 11th-12th) so they can be featured on the Mammoth Comics table.

Ordering books before Underground Monster Carnival (and other events) needs to happen.

According to our Treasurer, we should now be able to do a sponsorship for the OWFI bags.

Adrean has revisited the desire to create an OWFI Committee for the purpose of interacting with OWFI, so we can be sure that we use our opportunities to help via sponsorships, scholarships, etc.; that happened, and Shannon has agreed to chair it.

Bring stuff for the OWFI Basket; the Lord Mistress is feeling neglected!

New Business

Shannon and JayCee should be attending the OWFI meeting this Sunday as Nevermore delegates.

Jack needs an additional person to attend the YST Outreach event on March 7th. We may potentially shift the event to move to Wednesday every two weeks, to better suit our members' schedules and ensure better attendance on our parts.

7:27 Falling Leaf, Part 1 by Shannon

8:12 Welcome to the Masquerade by Lyz

9:25 Clean Up/Adjournment

Be strong, my friends, 'til next we meet.

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