Friday, January 27, 2017

Meeting Minutes - January 6th, 2017


Attending: Shannon (Pres), Adrean (V.P.), CJ (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), Sam, JayCee, Harvey, Mac, Lora, Katy, Kaz, Lyz, John

Called to order 7:00 pm

Old Business:

Reminder that this is the last day to submit a thing to the Nevermore newsletter.

Further discussion on the contents of the Nevermore newsletter.

Jack asks for donations for OWFI Sponsorships on behalf of Nevermore.

It seems like we'll be unable to attend the Jan 21st Pryor con as a vendor. Collector Con is March 11th in Tulsa. Final decision for St. Louis and Dallas cons needs to be by the meeting on Jan 13th.

New Business:

Jack has created a form on the website to allow people to enjoy the mailing list manually.

Sam brought pamphlets about the 2017 Tulsa City County Library Creative Writing Contest.

7:16 The Once and Future Orson Welles, Prologue by Mac

7:47 The Great Stone Head by Shannon

8:12 Copper and Gold, Chapter 14 by JayCee

8:36 Five Nights at Freddy's Untitled Story by Jack

9:31 Clean Up/Adjournment

Until next time, folks.


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