Friday, December 30, 2016

Meeting Minutes - December 30th, 2016


Attending: Shannon, (Pres.), Adrean (V.P.), Mac (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), Sam, Jaycee, Harvey, Malea, Lyz, and our new friends Ariel, Diane, John, and Haleigh.

Called to order 7:03 pm

Introductions for our new friends!

Old Business:
Lyz reminds us that if we have stuff for the OWFI basket, get that to her.

Conventions in April -- Dallas and St. Louis. January 21st Con in Pryor is still currently up in the air.

Get stuff in for January 6th meeting ASAP, itinerary will go out at the end of this very meeting.

JACK'S ANNUAL TREASURER REPORT, including our passing the point for us to apply for non-profit status.

Settling up on money for various sales.

New Business:

Jack proposes to nominate Jaycee as an official trustee of the organization.
Decopolis reached out to us for a new event. More later.

Secretary Transition: Please remember to switch various things to CJ for the new year.

Newsletter; Quarterly. January 20th will be the first issue, followed by April, July, and October. Deadline for Issue #1 is 1/6.

New project for the new year: Expanding Horizons. Five things of pop culturiness. Check with Jaycee for the rules. They sound complex. They've also been handed out.

Presents by Sam!

7:40: Refining Love, Chapter Three by Shannon

8:14: The Holy Mount, Chapter One by Lyz

8:40: Copper and Gold, Chapter 13 by Jaycee

9:18: Untitled by Shannon

9:33: When the Butterflies Died by Lyz

9:40: Clean Up/Adjournment

See everyone next week! G'bye pals!


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