Friday, December 16, 2016

Meeting Minutes: December 16th, 2016

Attending: Adrean (V.P.), Mac (Secretary), Jack (Treasurer), Sam, Kaz, Jaycee, Malea, Lyz, and CJ.

Called to order 7:08 pm

Old Business:
Deadline for next meeting will be one week from today at 9ish, unless we already fill up. Check your google hangouts for updates, but get your pieces in ASAP, as we already have two stocked up.
The fundraiser is going well, and we're at $110.00
People can submit more than one story for the Nevermore contest, as long as they pay the fee for each entry, and only one piece can place... This assumes we have enough entries for the contest to go.

New Business:

7:13: A New Way to Give Thanks by Malea

7:38: Sometimes I Forget How White Your Family Is by Malea

8:05: Your Hand Is So Tiny In Mine by Malea

8:20: Hexen End, Chapter 1 by Lyz

9:13: TPK by Adrean

10:00: Clean Up/Adjournment

See everyone next week!


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