Friday, September 2, 2016

Meeting Minutes 09/02/16


Attending: Shannon (Pres.), Adrean (V.P.), Jack (Treasurer), Mac (Secretary), Sam, CJ, Jaycee, Harvey, Malea.

Called to order 7:02

Old Business:

Discussion of New Store willing to carry our books. 1907 store. More stores to come, occasionally Phoenix, and Fine Books.

Tiers for donations to the Nevermore non-profit pledge.

Update on the Writing Contest.

Discussion of changing the scheduled Mammoth signing. We'll try for October 8th, 1-4, pending Shawn's approval.

New Business:

Writing Well Workshop is looking for sponsors. Small logo tier is $25.00; large logo is $50.00.

Collaborative writing exercise?

Switching Nevermore account to Arvest.

Adrean brought Richard Thomas' article on hooks.

7:37: Close Encounters of the Cowboy Kind by Shannon

8:04: Pheromones by Adrean

8:24: Jupiter Descending by Shannon

8:53: Clean Up/Adjournment

See everyone next week!


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