Friday, May 6, 2016

Meeting Minutes - 5/6/16

MEETING PLACE: Mammoth Comics

Attending: Shannon (Pres.), Adrean (VP), Jack (Treasurer), Mac (Secretary), Jaycee, Samantha, Kaz, Lora, CJ, and Harvey.

Called to order 7:07

Reminder: we will not meet 5/13. The itinerary for 5/20 will be sent out after this meeting.

Additionally, everyone is reminded to keep their submissions to as close to twenty pages if at all possible.

Jaycee brought up possibility that she may not be available for some meetings in the near future.

Jack reminded people to turn in their receipts for the baskets and other Nevermore activities.

7:13: Love at First Sight by Sam

7:20: Platonic by Sam

7:51: The Most Magical Night in a Girl's Life by Lora

8:40: Grim Shadows - Issue One by Adrean

9:23: Stormborn Chapter 9-11 by Jack

10:13: Clean up/Adjournment

See you all next week!


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