Friday, April 1, 2016

Meeting Minutes - April 1st 2016

MEETING PLACE: Mammoth Comics

Attending: Shannon (President), Adrean (VP), Jack (Treasurer), Lora, Mac (Secretary), Jaycee, Samantha, Kaz, CJ, and Gregory.

Called to order 7:01

Brief discussion of itinerary procedure, Gregory's screen printing business, Sam's OLA involvement, and Kaz's ever increasing collection of microphones and sounds.

7:10: Insomnia Cafe by Shannon

7:40: Untitled Theater Horror Story by Jaycee

8:38: The Hidden Ones by Shannon

9:16: Discussion of paying for Murder Apocalypse publishing, and Shannon's upcoming anthology.

9:22: Clean up/Adjournment

See you all next week!


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