Friday, January 15, 2016

Meeting Minutes - January 15th, 2016

Called to something resembling order at 7:01

Attending: Shannon (Pres.), CJ, Jess, Mac (Secretary), Lora, Sam, Adrean (VP), Jack (Treasurer), Gregory, Malea. Tracey joined us a few minutes into the fun.

Brief discussion of changes to submission threshold (60 pages or 6 pieces, whichever comes first, the itinerary will go out ASAP after the threshold is hit), and OWFI expenses (12.00 per person, Mac will pledge the difference).

7:09: Melt by Jack

7:29: Redickted (Chapter 13-15) by Shannon

7:54: New Year, New Love by Malea

8:12: Second Bananas by Mac

8:26: Kibble by Mac 

8:52: Clean up/Adjournment

See you all next week!

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